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Effective communication is a large componet to your organizations internet presence. Tools for Organizations has included many highly effective features with all email accounts to this end. When "All Accounts" is used below, it's intended to mean POP email accounts, and Alias addresses.

This feature is NOT available on the Test Drive site for review.

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  » Features from administration point of view...
  Each individual email user has access to change their password, create an autoresponder, and to change their spam filter settings.
  Designated site administrators have access to all email accounts... to add or delete accounts, change passwords, add auto responders, change anyone's spam settings.
  Ability to add a domain wide email disclaimer which will be added to everyone's outgoing emails. Also great to advertise upcoming events.
  All accounts come with Virus protection at the server level.
  POP Accounts have SPAM filtering available, as well as options to auto-delete or move emails.
  All pop accounts have web email available to them.
  Ability to send email on port 26, to avoid traveling laptop problems with blocked mail servers.
  Configuration tool to assist you in getting new accounts online quickly.
  Support via email and phone in the event you do need assistance with your accounts.